Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Father's Day printables

Well, a lot has happened in the last 32 days!

Here a few free printables I've been using to get ready for Father's Day:

A few quick highlights:
School's been out for almost a month
Both boys are working
LittleBuddy went to EFY
BigBuddy is no longer engaged
Cowgirl helped LittleBuddy and is coming to be with us soon
MyGirl is looking for a job
I am hiring professionals for home improvement projects - MyMike just too busy and not interested
Trek prep actively underway including making a family flag for our handcart
Great temple experiences
Another dear friend with cancer
Made a few cards. No quilting. More cooking and bread making.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Before I can create something I need to have time. Its been a busy time in my life lately, more driving than Ever before, and more assignments at church, preparing for Trek - 3 of us are going,  as well as a wedding now in the planning stages!
 Yep, BigBuddy is now engaged, and got his wisdom teeth out a week ago. He's doesn't look too puffy there.  But in spite of all that, if I get going too fast and have too much to do, then creativity just takes a back seat. I've had LittleBuddy's quilt top done for over a month and not one stitch of quilting on it. And when I have free time sometimes I don't need to be creative. I just need some rest. Here is an example of a Sunday Snooze Fest in my great room. It's simple for me. Rest is the prelude to creativity.

Nevertheless, a home feels too sterile without homemade touches. And because I've been too busy to create much, I thought I'd share some simple projects that are adding a touch of creativity to my home right now. If I've shared them before I apologize.

 MyGirl made me this thoughtful frame of words about me using a circle punch from an old children's dictionary whose cover was falling off, and heart punch with some scraps of red paper. Super sweet. This is in my bathroom.

 This is the back side of my Easter Egg table runner. Since I'm too busy to make another one for Spring right now, just looking at these bright, happy flowers on my dining room table makes me happy.
The Easter Card my mom made for us still sits on my desk in my room. Sweet, darling, creative. Love it!
 A homemade card from my teenage son on my serving table in the dining room. Of course its the message inside that meant so much, but I'm just  a softy for home made cards.
For $6 I was able to order a chalkboard on canvas commemorative label for my anniversary. I first put it out at Valentine's Day, then I put it away and pulled it out again for Spring. Sewed to some happy fabric and framed in white, I love the simple but happy reminder sitting next to my Mother's Day cards. Two more months it will be 28 years.

And see the quilts draped on the chair and behind me on the sofa. I love quilts. Their are three just in my upstairs, one of my bed, and a few scattered throughout my children's rooms. Quilts equals home.

Then last night this was the view out our back deck - the Lord's double rainbow reminding us that in spite of a week of rain/hail/snow almost every day, the earth won't be flooded, and His light still shines strong. I am blessed by creativity every day!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Best Creations

Happy Mother's Day to all my friends that are mothers, who have mothers, or who love mothers. . . .you're all covered!

 I am so blessed to have a mother who loves me and always has. She shares so much with me; her love, wisdom, talents, and listening ear. Any good thing that I am or have done is in large part to her good teachings and example. And sometimes it was just her handing me something and telling me to go do it. I cannot discount a mother's inspiration. My life has blessed when I listened.

Among my own creations, none mean more to me than my four children. Of course I can't really take that much credit for them. They were wonderful beings long before they came to live in my house. Their Heavenly Father sent them to me with distinct personalities. Not one of them is much like their siblings.  I am continually amazed that they were all raised in my home and that each member of our family is so unique. However, the great things they have in common are what make them so wonderful. They are all strong and gifted people. They have talents that they share with others. They are giving, compassionate people, who look out for the underdogs in life and are loyal friends. They are very devoted to our family and really do get along well one with another though they aren't all super close. I think because they are all so different they don't all understand each other, but that just makes the fact that they love and value each other so much greater. They are good citizens, responsible, hard workers, and make wherever they are a better place. I am grateful to share my life with them.
And so I present my Best Creations!


Big Buddy



Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Sweetest Birthday

My baby girl turns 21 tomorrow. Don't know how that's possible when I'm only 29 myself ;[) anyhow, true to her angelic heart, she has decided to do something for her birthday this year that just reminds me how much I am actually blessed to be her mother. 
She had her brother help her print out cards saying, "This week is my 21st birthday and I want to remember 21 people that I love, including you . . . " Then there is the heart, and at the bottom, Love, and her name.

 To some she's given out cookies. This is the second batch she's made this week.
 To other's she's given little lotions. And to other's far away she has other surprises.

She's a major Pinterest follower, and to see the good things that are shared by others, get shared again, reminds me that in spite of the hard challenges this world has, there are sure some really good people out there who inspire others to be a better person and reach out in love instead of selfishness. Knowing my little girl, is one of those, just makes me love and appreciate her even more. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Love Is In The Air

BigBuddy brought home his girlfriend from college. It was great to get to know her. She's wonderful and he had a great time showing her the beauty of this part of the country. They were cute together and definitely in love. 

 LittleBuddy loves being behind the wheel. And its a loving father who will patiently teach his youngest son to drive. 
 I have four wedding invitations right now on my fridge with the first wedding this week. My daughter's good friend is getting married in six weeks so last night it was time to create. Four basic cards with minor variations in each then one different one using pieces I combined into the fifth.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

Masculine Cards

You'll notice some repeated papers here. I tried to get at least 3 cards of some of the scraps I had on hand. Card making should always be done with scraps. Scrapbook pages take full size papers and I am so behind on my youngest two children's books, I will be going through a lot of paper soon. This isn't enough cards I realized, but its some to get me going. I also have four wedding invitations on my fridge currently, with another I know coming, so look for some wedding cards popping up soon too. Fun Times!

My oldest two are coming home tomorrow. Can't wait!!! And my youngest daughter is Sick, Sick, Sick! So sad, and exactly what she doesn't want when everyone's coming home. Fortunately we've been to the doctor, have prescriptions, and are fighting it with all we have. Prayers appreciated!

I had a lot harder time coming up with masculine cards. I'm going back to generic birthday cards. They seem to work better for me than primarily masculine ones. Bright colors, nice wishes, and simple design. . . stick with what I'm used to, right?

Enjoy the beautiful Spring where ever you are! I'm loving seeing my tulips in bloom and the grass turning green again. I want to shout, "We've missed you so much!! Glad you're here for a while again." I'm not bothered by winter. I enjoy the change of seasons and the snow when its glistening is heavenly, but I'm ready for the green grass and the leafy trees. Bring on SPRING!

Monday, April 6, 2015

10 Cards

Mom and I spent last Friday afternoon making cards ahead for when we need them.
These are my girlie cards. Some for birthdays and some I haven't decided. I may add a "thanks" later on or "you're sweet." Now I have some options. I can always add a banner shape over a "happy birthday" if the need arises. 

And I wanted to send a shout out to a young friend in Pennsylvania. I have one of these cards in mind for you. Do you still have my text? Remember when you called me about the airplane delay? If not, get it from my daughter. Text me your address and I'll put it in the mail for you. Know that you've been in my prayers and heart. 

I am still feeling the Spirit from General Conference ( this past weekend. If anyone wants to be inspired and feel great hope knowing of the Savior's love for you, that is the place.