Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanksgiving Cards

Happy Thanksgiving where you may be spending your holiday this year!
We have a tradition to share the three things we're most thankful for each year. These are mine. Probably for the end of time, but they continue to mean so much to me, even more so, with each passing year.
1) Jesus Christ
2) My Family
3) My Health

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sky Full of Stars

That Halloween quilt was finished last week. I've officially named it, "Sky Full of Stars." Yes, after the Coldplay song, but that title just seems to fit how it looks - the black sky filled with stars of many colors. I learned in Astronomy 101 long ago that there are several colors of stars, and while no red ones here, there are some black ones :-)  It was so cold here like it was in much of the country, so having this over my lap while I sewed on the binding kept me nice and snuggly. I am just so happy with how this all turned out. I shall enjoy it for years to come.

I think you can see on this picture, that after I hand quilted the inside of the stars, I used my walking foot and machine quilted in between the sashing in black, just enough to keep it all together, and hopefully not fall apart after its first washing. Its hanging on the railing until I set up for Christmas. 

Just last night, I woke up around 1:30a.m. and saw a large shooting star fall in the sky. It was spectacular to see, and reminded me the universe is dealing with much bigger things than I do every day. 
And makes me grateful to be able to trust a Heavenly Father to manage it all and keep things going as they do without my even casual regard for it most of the time. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Card Design

This is a very basic card but points out a design principle that works.
When you take three colors plus a neutral there is a balance that feels right visually.
Here the pinks and oranges aren't all the exact same, but because they're in the same color family they feel harmonious. Adding the blue, which is a contrasting color to the orange, and is a brighter hue, also tends to balance the oranges and pinks which are side by side on the color wheel.
Think of it like a stool - three keeps it in balance. The touch of off-white could have been much larger. I could have used that for the paler pink background, but instead I kept the neutral as a small part. Using neutrals is a matter of preference but because they don't compete with the colors, they also feel in balance.
Just something to think about when you're making cards.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Updates on Barn Quilts

Finally remembered to take some pictures. Below is the October barn.

 This quilt is all about the details and its only half finished when you see my embroidery. My mom adds the ribbon embroidery and then it really comes alive even more. Like on the barn below, the roof that doesn't have a black outline in thread will be bigger and more substantive in black silk ribbon. The pumpkins will have green silk leaves on top. . . details.
 Here is November's quilt before all the embroidery is done, but it gives you a good idea of how it will look.
 Love that airplane. Looks even better now that its outlined, as well as the moon, in brown embroidery thread. But I really love the white circles coming out from the moon. I think this is one of my favorite skies. Whoever designed this, I can tell, had fun, because its fun to recreate it all. Happy Creating! Now I need to get serious about Christmas creating!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Star Quilt

Even though its not done, I thought you'd want to see it, since I did complete most of it in October.
The top was done on Oct. 9 so I've kept it on the large sofa all month to remind myself to keep working on it and so I could enjoy it for the rest of the month.

I saw a quilt similar to this on Pinterest, but it was much larger and had a green six inch border and all the quilting was done on a diagonal, so I give them credit for the original idea of using black background and sawtooth stars. Their black stars had olive green backgrounds, and it was all pretty mellow. I wanted to take that idea and make it say FUN!
So, with fabrics from my stash and only one fat quarter purchased after I recreated the pattern I wanted, I was off. Total size is 56 x 69 inches. Using 10 inch sawtooth stars, I've combined a mixture of solids and patterned fabrics on a black background with three yellow backgrounds for the black stars, just to keep things interesting. Black sashings in between are 1 1/2" finished.
 I hand quilted all the stars. This is one of the first ones I did.
 Then I realized it needed more quilting, so I quilted a diamond inside the stars as well as the 1/4" inside the stars. Notice how there are a variety of orange fabrics. (I told you it was one of my favorite colors.) I think all these colors play nicely together, even though they're not all in the same hue. Color play is SO fun! I wanted lots of oranges to remind us it is really a Halloween quilt, then I added some purple, gray and lime green to keep it fresh and modern.  The yellows just keep it all balanced and contrasted so nicely with the black. I really loved putting all these fabrics together and watch them turn out as fun as I hoped they would.
 This pumpkin fabric is MyGirl's favorite. Now on to quilting the black in the middle and the orange binding, and it will be done. I have loved making this. Sunday night I threw it over my feet as I was listening to a devotional and its really warm too. It shall be a fun way to welcome in every October from now on.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Still here

Sorry to have nothing creative to show.
I need to start scrapbooking again because when I don't, I forget I need to get out my camera and take photos. I've taken none in all of October - horrors for me!
Yet, much creativity has happened:

Several Halloween cards
Several cards for my friends with cancer
Fancy card for the tennis team to sign for their coach
Finished the Sept. Barn quilt block
Working on the Oct. Barn quilt block
Relief Society wood/painting project
Working on hand quilting a Sawtooth Star Halloween quilt - won't be done by Halloween, but its been a fun project when I have a spare moment, and its big and bold - a new direction for me. Fun! Photos to come by Halloween this week, I promise!
MyGirl has started a blog : - check it out!
Made some pumpkin chocolate chip bar cookies, and they turned out great. Yeah!
Quilt craft fair for our guild
Two merit badges passed off since Sept. 1, so good things are happening!

A party for LittleBuddy last Friday.
Tennis banquet
MyGirl's first day on the new job
MyGirl's diploma came in the mail
MyGirl shopped for a bunch of new clothes and looks so cute in all of them
 . . .why oh why did I forget my camera? 
Some aren't too late to take photos, and some are . . . this is real life.
Mike is crazy busy at work, and that leaves more for me at home and less time to think about my camera,
so this week I'm going to pull it out, put it on my dining room ledge, and be reminded to use it!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Work, Drive, Work

Well, I can finally let the cat out of the bag now . . .                                                                
      Cowgirl has a new job, as manager of the Joann's in the big new Spanish Fork store. She'll start in January, though starts hiring her team this month, but its now officially hers! Since she just started as a manager in March she and we were surprised she would be selected, but her Vernal store (where she's still at)  has done amazing under her leadership and now with this store much larger, it will be a new challenge, but she's up to it!  After paying her dues for six years, she's starting to move up the career ladder quickly and we're very happy for her. She is a natural leader and its fun to see her using her great potential.
      That's not the only big career news, though. MyGirl has her first official job, working as support staff at an elementary school in our district. She'll be monitoring the cafeteria and playground for two hours every school day. Its the furthest school in our district. We refer to it as "The Little School on the Prairie," or "The Country School," so we're spending some time on the road, but its a perfect transition for her into the world of work. Now that she's in the district, which is a really good one, she'll be able to move up to different positions next year and from now on, so its a good career move for her also if she wants it.
     As for me, my work is the same - lots of laundry, shopping, cooking, driving, cleaning, keeping things organized with a little sewing thrown in for some good creative challenges. The quilt top on my Halloween quilt is done. I'll start quilting it tomorrow and hopefully have it done by the end of next week.